Goodbye Florida!

Hello Milwaukee, WI! You read right, my little family of three is moving from the sunny, and warm state of Florida, to the very, very cold state of Wisconsin. I couldn’t be anymore excited. Im sure people up there will think im crazy for being happy to leave Florida, but I’ve never been happy here. 

My parents moved here from New Jersey when I was a baby, and we left all my family behind. Every time I visited up north, I knew one day I would move back. Florida is full of chains, tourists, and traffic. Sixty degrees is our winter and our summers reach around ninety-eight degrees. It downpours everyday in the summer, and the humidity is suffocating. In order to get anywhere you have to drive. The entire state can be defined by suburban sprawl.

I want to live somewhere where I can walk to a little coffee shop, or bike to the store. I want to be able to hang outside without needing to run inside after fifteen minutes in order to avoid heat exhaustion. You cant even enjoy the beach in the summer because the sand gets so hot it burns your feet, and the water is so warm, its not even refreshing.

I will miss the pretty sunsets, and getting to wear flip flops year round, but it is nothing compared to all the great things ill be experiencing in Wisconsin. I will get to actually wear fall and winter clothes! Not just a cardigan and light scarf. Emma will get to experience white Christmases. I could go on and on, but ill stop rambling. 

Now, I am DREADING the move. My boyfriend will be driving the Uhaul, which will be trailing his car, and ill be driving our other car with Emma and our dog, Oliver. We are trying to go straight through without stopping to sleep. We are thinking it should take about 20 hours or so. If anyone has any tips on traveling with a baby, or tips for long distance moving at all, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to leave a comment. This is our first road trip with Emma and it’s the longest move we’ve ever made. We are moving exactly a month from today, so I am starting to get anxious. 



About schmids1

22, college student, stuck in the rainy state of Florida
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